Pornhounds #1 & #2, written by Sharon Lintz

Pornhounds 1 & 2 available through 2D Cloud: #1 here, #2 here.

"It's rare that comics created via collaboration between a separate writer and artist attain the level of quality of Sharon Lintz’s Pornhounds series."— Rob Clough, The Comics Journal 

"Pornhounds #2 is another incredible example of the possibilities of comics."— Dan Elkin, Comics Bulletin. (Interview here.)

"...Lintz's perspective on sex and death is distinctive: less about
titillation or melancholy than about Cronenberg-ian body-horror."
— Noel Murray, AV Club's Graphic Novel & Art Comics roundup 

"...Lintz may have inadvertently penned some of the funniest, not to mention bluest, Battlestar Galactica fanfic you’ll ever lay eyes on...One of the shining strengths of Lintz’s writing is her ability to balance the profound and personal with wit and humour." — Matthew Dick, UK's Exquisite Things

PH1: art by Marc McMurray, Ed Piskor, Matthew Shultz, Robin Bougie, Jim Rugg, Sophie Crumb, Tom Humberstone and Joe Simko.

PH2: art by Chandler Wood, Emanuele Simonelli, Nicholas Breutzman, Nathan Schrieber, Joan Reilly, Ellen Lindner, Ed Piskor, Shounak Jog, Mack White, Danny Hellman and Edwin Vazquez. Cover design by Richars Meza.