After several print runs, both Pornhounds 1 & 2 are just about sold out, though you may be able to find copies at one of the finer independent comics dealers near you. I also have a handful of Pornhounds 2 issues left. If you'd like one of those, paypal me at the button below. (To pay with cash, email me: You do not need to have read the first Pornhounds to understand Pornhounds 2. Like Gary Cooper in High Noon, Pornhounds 2 stands alone.

It was also named a "Notable" in Best American Comics 2012.

Digital versions of both comics are forthcoming from ComiXology in August 2015. In the meantime, see very safe-for-work samples from the first Pornhounds here, the second here.

Some Reviews:

It's rare that comics created via collaboration between a separate writer and artist attain the level of quality of Sharon Lintz’s Pornhounds series." — Rob Clough, The Comics Journal

"Pornhounds #2 is another incredible example of the possibilities of comics."— Dan Elkin, Comics Bulletin. (Interview here.)

"...Lintz's perspective on sex and death is distinctive: less about titillation or melancholy than about Cronenberg-ian body-horror." (Scroll down the page to read the review) — Noel Murray, in The Onion's AV Club

PH1: art by Marc McMurray, Ed Piskor, Matthew Shultz, Robin Bougie, Jim Rugg, Sophie Crumb, and Tom Humberstone. Cover design and art by Joe Simko.

PH2: art by Chandler Wood, Emanuele Simonelli, Nicholas Breutzman, Nathan Schrieber, Joan Reilly, Ellen Lindner, Ed Piskor, Shounak Jog, Mack White, Danny Hellman and Edwin Vazquez. Cover design by Richars Meza.